Need inspiration - then this book has it!

"When times are hard its good to be able to get inspiration from others to manage yourself and your business through uncertainty. This book does exactly that. I picked up a golden nugget right from the very first except and the content continued to spark many thoughts as I read on. The simplicity and style make it an easy read, one you will be glad you did. Plus all the money goes to charity."

- Kerrie Maitland


Motivation help for all

"Inspirational motivational affirmation & confirming book very easy to read lots off links to more information, a great book especially in these times & those to follow. a book you can keep returning too at different stages as we all need different things depending on our emotional state"

- Mr. Kelly Jones


The perfect collection of quick pick-me-ups

"A great series of inspirational insights to help you cut your own path through the chaos. You'll come away feeling ready to take on the world again."

- Danielle Haley


A refreshing read in uncertain times!

"I really enjoyed an inspirational romp through this book. It is full of useful hints and tips to manage your energy so you can rise during these times. Definitely Chicken Soup for the Soul for Business Owners. Need some inspiration right now? I recommend you take a look!"

- Jo Soley


Read this NOW !!!

"Wow!!! Really loved this book, packed full of inspiration. makes me want to conquer the world !!!
An absolute must-read."

- Fiona


Get ready to feel inspired!

"A fabulous book packed full of inspiration & amazing ideas. I can’t wait to finish the book and start using it to grow my business. Thank you, thank you!"

- Kindle Customer


Encouragement and insight blossoms in these pages

"I truly believe everyone will find something that speaks powerfully to them, personally or professionally, in these pages."

- Anna-Maria Hawke

Inspirational and thought-provoking!

"The book is easy to read and is packed full of brilliant hints and tips and ideas on how to stay focused and positive to enable you and your business to thrive and grow in challenging times.
I have learnt some great tools and techniques to help me stay positive with my own business.
The book is definitely a must for everyone who wants to thrive and grow. It is easy to read, well laid out and is an easy book to dip in and out of when you are looking for some inspiration or ideas, particularly when you are facing obstacles or challenging situations.
Well done to Helen and the rest of the amazing team.

- Andree Funnell


"This book is so helpful during these turbulent times. We run a small business and have our ups/downs and the book offers insight from multiple experts. It's a quick read and very well written.
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- Shannon Miller

So many helpful and inspiring ideas

"This book is a collection of practical, how to run a webinar, type of ideas, holding onto what's important to keep doing when your business and the market has taken a big hit. For the first two weeks, I was reeling, went into rescue mode then ideas like these are really useful to stop and consolidate, take bite sized steps to move forward one step at a time. When life is determined to slow you down, just opening the book to a page of inspiration and wisdom will be hugely helpful."

- R. Cunningham

Full of wisdom

"An easy read full of simple, yet meaningful, practical ideas to inspire you."

- Linda Barbour

Something for everyone

"A great assortment of tips, techniques and motivation for these challenging times. Really easy to dip in and out of when you’re in need of some much sought after inspiration!"

- Moonbeam


"Helen Vandenberghe is the Queen of Quick Creation - you want to make something happen in your business; if you take the action she suggests, you will make it happen. Yes, it's aimed at entrepreneurs, but many of the tips apply to you whatever your work status - and if you think of yourself as a brand (as many do these days) then even if you are employed, you will gain masses of value from this book. I'm going to use it as a focus for my Daily Self-Support and read one entry a day and apply it that day. However you use this book, I hope it encourages you to feel part of something supportive too."

- Naomi Martell-Bundock

Stuffed full of advice and inspiration for any business owner

"I loved that this book is a collection of advice from a variety of experienced business owners. It makes it very unique and also truly helpful. The experts involved in writing this are inspiring and supportive and their input is easy to understand and implement. Lots to work on to help your business grow, even when things are tough. A solid five stars from me."

- Amazon Customer

An excellent collection!

"An excellent book. So many inspiring thoughts and ideas. Fantastic to see so many great authors assembled in one location! Couldn’t stop reading this book! Fully recommended."

- G. Droid

Inspiring and informative

"Ready to Rise is for everyone, regardless of whether you are in business or not. The collaboration of writers and business owners is priceless and each story is a pick-me-up and encourages you to just do what you really want to do with your life. The back of the book is full of ideas, free courses and more business advice links. This is one book that you will keep returning to!"

- Deborah Durbin

This book is a real gem.


Full of tips and helpful insights to help you through challenging and difficult times. It includes advice for self-care and how to keep your life on an even keel, but it also offers really valuable business strategies from a wide range of sources. I shall be dipping into it over the coming weeks as I am confident it will help me."

- Amanda O'Rourke