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How To Fill Your Transformational Coaching Business with High End Clients even if you don’t have a list & feel 'invisible' online.

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What Clients Had to Say


Jo Painter

Confidence Coach

"Just sold a package for £1800! Feeling Fantastic! I've gone from charging £150 to more 10x-ing my average programme cost, while providing much more value for my clients. Working with Helen has been so transformational for my business and up-leveling my wealth consciousness."

Teresa Blout

Ageless Living Coach

"The vision I had for my business is coming true! I am so honoured to have Helen as my business mentor. For years, I have only dreamt of launching a powerful online programme. Now I have a facebook group, a community of supportive soul sisters and am launching my first programme within weeks. The vision I had for my business is coming true!"

Wendy Gannaway 

Mindset Mentor Business Learning

"Helen has created the ultimate 'plug and play' system to landing clients and growing your business in record time. Everything you need to know is right here. I highly recommend her to any coach, consultant or service based business owner"

Jenny Hallam 

Career & Business Coach

"I've sold my first package for nearly £15,000 since working with Helen, I've been featured in a National Magazine, spoken to at huge corporate conferences and sold my first package for nearly £15,000"

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