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Have you always wanted to write a book and didn't know where to START?


It doesn’t have to be like that...


With a clear proven process, you can go from ‘Idea to Author’ in as little as 30 days.

Meet Helen Vandenberghe

I’m Helen Vandenberghe - known as the mentor to rising stars and for over five years I’ve been helping my VIP clients to become best selling authorsin-demand speakers and premium course creators.

It all started when my sister (a 15x published author, journalist and busy mum of three) asked me for the 200th time – “Have you written your book yet, Helen?”.

I’d been talking about writing a business book for YEARS – while my sister was merrily knocking out bestsellers by the dozen!

In a fit of “I’ll show you” I got busy and banged out my book plan in just under 3 days...then got it published within 60 days. It’s amazing what you can do when you are REALLY focused (& when you want to impress your BIG SISTER!).
So FINALLY my book was out there.

As a DIRECT result of publishing my book I...

Attracted 4 high-end clients in the first week of the book launch
Increased my email list by 1400 people in 6 weeks
Got featured on 12 of my ideal podcasts and radio shows
Was invited to speak as a KEYNOTE presenter at an International Conference

Finally, you can gain more prestige, become known as an expert and charge higher fees ...all in a matter of weeks...not years!

Watch as you instantly become an expert in your field, differentiate yourself from the competition, fill your sales funnel with leads and cram your appointment book with loads of clients who are glad to pay you what you're worth!

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"I became a No 1 Bestseller - that has had massive impact to my speaker bookings & credibility."

Havilah Malone 


"Having my book has been a fantastic marketing tool & Helen is absolutely THE best person out there to help with this. She understands how a business owner can write the RIGHT book for their market and how to use it to get visible."

John Mitchelle


"Expert dog trainer Tony published his book '101 Doggy Dilemmas' to rave reviews and not only got immediate invitations to radio interviews, but also landed a regular feature writer spot in a National magazine!"

Tony Cruse​

​Expert Dog Trainer