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The Female Entrepreneurs Festival

12-16 Sept 2022

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As an EXPERT SPEAKER, You Can Quickly Grow Your List, Reach More Ideal Clients and Help Busy Coaches & Other Solopreneurs Simplify Their Marketing, Reach More People and MAKE MORE SALES!

I am so excited to invite you to become a contributor for the Female Entrepreneurs Festival.

The goal of this event is to inspire female entrepreneurs to Launch, Grow and Scale their successful business.

Not only do you get to offer a valuable gift, but you’ll also have the opportunity to deliver a 20 minute pre-recorded workshop, enabling you to go deeper with your expert topic and genuinely connect with potential clients.

This event will gather dozens of successful experts willing to share powerful insights, trainings, tools and resources to support female entrepreneurs around the world.

This opportunity will help you build a thriving list and will help women entrepreneurs to have incredible breakthroughs in their business and life.

We want YOU if, you can inspire midlife women in the areas of:

  • Build Their Audience
  • Develop Their Confidence
  • ā€‹Improve Their Health And Self Care
  • Create The Mindset For Success
  • ā€‹Boost Their Sales
  • Get Visible
  • Be Accountable
    ā€‹Become Financially Independent
  • Increase Their Profits
  • ā€‹Develop Their Brand And Marketing

How it works

  • You provide a 20 minute pre-recorded workshop and a quality item for a giveaway.
  • We all promote the event to our lists and social media accounts.
  • The audience registers to get access to conference sessions and giveaway items
  • Once registered, they are taken to a page with details of all gifts offers
  • When they choose your gift they’re taken to YOUR opt-in page on YOUR site and join Your mailing list.
  • You have a new lead who you can nurture and welcome into your community.


12-16 September 2022



  1. Lead a powerful workshop and connect with women all over the globe
  2. Earn great commissions from participants who register for the VIP package
  3. Grow your audience – by potentially getting hundreds of email subscribers.
  4. Benefit from the ‘Evergreen Effect’ where your workshop is available to VIP guests for 12 months
  5. Generate quality leads – fill your pipeline for future sales
  6. Gain exposure - around your brand, product, or service.
  7. Build your authority – you get featured as an expert to a large global audience.
  8. Build Relationships - make friends with amazing joint venture partners


  • You create a 20-minute video workshop on your expert topic AND a valuable gift.
  • We will host the workshop to be played live during the event.
  • You will host access to your gift on your website and offer it behind an opt-in page.
  • This allows YOU to GROW your mailing list!.
  • You’ll be required to promote the Festival a minimum of 2 times to your full email list (solo email) and minimum 3x time on social media per social account and Facebook Groups.
  • We want the MOST subscribers as possible, so everyone who is featured will also be sharing all of this AMAZING and valuable content with their list and on social media as well.
  • We will provide done-for-you copy and images for this.
  • You’ll be required to pay an entrance fee for participating in the festival. This covers the cost of coordinating the event for everyone.
  • That includes the done-for-you copy and images! (That’s a very small investment to grow your list, make an impact, and reach the people who need you!)

So, to sum it up...

You provide a 20 minute video (no upsells) and create a landing page so participants can access your free gift.


Email: 2 SOLO EMAILS (not newsletters) to your list if you have one, if not we can work out a special promotional calendar for you.

Social Media: 3+ posts per account throughout the promotion period and event.

BONUS: You have the option to go live in my Facebook Groups to brag about your gift to encourage opt-ins for your gift.


We will ask you to create an inspiring and informative 20 minute workshop. You can promote your free gift, however no immediate upsell offers on the video.



Digital/virtual gifts such as eBooks, videos, audios, workshops, masterclasses, pdf guides, challenges, masterclasses, planners, memberships, etc. No free consultations or free coaching sessions - we have found these are often ‘sales calls’ disguised as coaching.

Gifts focusing on Business Growth, Money, Mindset, Career, Wellbeing, and spirituality are all welcome.



15th August 2022

29th August - 16th September 2022

You MUST commit to sending 2 x solo emails to your whole list & publish at least 3 social media posts during this time.

The event is LIVE from 12-16 September & gifts will be available to download for 90 days.

The videos will be available for 1 year for VIP guests.

Subscribers will have access to the gift page during the live event.

During this period, each day we will all promote it through our email lists and social media profiles.

I will be featuring several gifts and contributors in my groups daily.

I will provide all swipe files, social media graphics, reminders and a promotional calendar prior to promotion.


If this sounds like a great fit for you, here’s what to do next:

  1. Pay your contributor fee to secure your spot - No Refund
  2. We will send you a form where we request all your details and provide support and training to make this an excellent experience for you.

Just fill the form and hit the join button below so we can reserve your spot. Once you sign up we will send you to the information link where you can submit your gift info.

Deadline to have your gift & workshop submitted is 15th August 2022

BONUS: Refer a contributor and make $20 commission per confirmed referral. Refer 5* and commission goes up to $30 per referral.

I look forward to partnering with you to bring valuable content and resources to our audiences!

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About Your Host

Helen Vandenberghe is known as the mentor to rising stars. A 4x bestselling author, award winning coach and seasoned marketer she has hosted over 200 virtual and in person marketing events featuring global experts including Sir Richard Branson, Lisa Sassevich, and Jeff Walker but loves to showcase women who are ‘not Oprah…yet’ so they can rise and shine!

Client Love

"I’ve just doubled my list size"

- Chris Franklyn

"Helen’s team is amazing. They made the whole process so easy"

- Barbara Ellison

"It has definitely increased my visibility and expanded my network"

- Amanda O’Rourke

"They were so supportive, had a tone of done for you resources that made it easy to promote and stay on track with."

- Lafaye Pye

"The whole project was led with patience, professionalism, and very clear and thorough guidance. Communication was brilliant, regular updates and super quick work."

- Teresa Blount

"Most definitely a success and super quick! I loved it and I appreciated the opportunity."

- Cherry-Anne Carew

Join as a contributor.
I'm in! My List Size is below 5k
I'm In! My List Size is 5k and above